Busy Bee Home

Buyer Rebate -

"Cash At Closing"

Or Closing Costs Payment

These are all names for the same thing...Money in your pocket

Call it Home Buyer Rebates, Home Buyer Rewards, Home Buyer Incentives or Cash Back At Closing - It all means the same.

Money in your pocket. Money that you can get easily.


It may be in the form of a check or it may be in the form of a discounted sales price or may be in the form of closing costs. How the Buyer gets their reward is often dependent on what the loan program will allow. The Home Buyer Rebate must be entered on the HUD (the final form at closing) and the Buyer's Loan Officer will tell the Buyer in which form the Buyer can receive their rebate. The loan officer may give the Buyer a choice as to how the reward is received. Busy Bee Realty will provide the reward per the Loan Officer's instructions as long as all parties are made aware and full disclosure is provided through acknowledgement on the HUD.

Traditional Home Listings are commonly six percent total paid by the seller. The Seller traditionally pays three percent to the Listing Broker and three percent to the Buyer's Agent that brings in the Buyer (These are the most often amounts used). The Listing Broker gets six percent if a buyer buys thru the Listing Broker.  

This Home Buyers Rebate Program provides the Home Buyer with 1/3 of the Buyer's Agent  Commission. If the Buyer's Agent Commission is 3%. Then the Home Buyer will receive a reward of 1%. So the Home Buyer will get $1000 on a $100,000 sales price or $2000 on a $200,000 sales price or $3000 on a $300,000 sales price. Your team consists of one agent showing you property and getting 1%.  Your Buyer's Agent (me) providing your paperwork, negotiations and assistance to closing and getting 1%.  And you, the Buyer, getting 1%. 

Traditionally home buyers do not get cash at closing.  Our service is rare and wonderful.  Our buyers love it.  Why would anybody buy a home and not get a rebate?

Rebates are available on EVERY MLS LISTED HOME (as long as the listing broker is offering the typical 3% to Buyer's Agents).  And we can check and verify that on any listing you find.  Just call us (502 759 4663) or email us (info@mlshalfprice.com) and ask. 

Buyers NEED Realtors to provide Guidance, Advice, Negotiation Skills, Preparation for Closing.

  • Busy Bee Realty will provide GUIDANCE in preparing purchase offers, preparing requests for repairs and ordering home inspections, etc.
  • Busy Bee Realty will provide ADVICE on amount of purchase offers, amount of closing costs, home inspection findings, etc.
  • Busy Bee Realty will provide NEGOTIATION SKILLS to get your best price, get your repairs requested done, to make you win.
  • Busy Bee Realty will provide coordination between Realtors, Sellers, the Title Company, the Insurance company etc. so everything is done before CLOSING.
  • This is great for Buyers!  You get your own Real Estate Broker working/negotiating/offering for you AND you get paid for it.
  • Why do Buyers use the Listing Realtor?  Why would you want to "share" your Realtor with the Seller?  That Realtor represents the Seller. That Realtor has listed the house for the Seller.  That Realtor has responsibilities to the Seller.  Instead use Busy Bee Realty and you have your own Broker to fight for you and you get paid for it.
  • Why would anybody buy without a home rebate?

Reward/rebate programs are common and legal in the State of Kentucky. Reward/Rebate Programs for the purchase of real estate are subject to applicable laws governing real estate brokers and commissions in the applicable state. Certain restrictions or obligations may apply.  ​